Lunar Studios | About Us
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About Us

What We Do

We are Lunar Studios, a multi-purpose creative arts space with rehearsal and recording facilities¬†operating in city of Glasgow Scotland. A local independent one stop shop for your promotional needs from design to print to distribution dedicated to Glasgow’s music, art and club scenes.


Posters, flyers, business cards, leaflets, booklets, bi-half-folds.


We have an in house designer who can help you with poster/flyer/web images to corporate identity and branding.


If you require distribution for your printed materials, we can provide excellent coverage across the city.

Music Production

Interested in making music with analogue synthesizers. We have a host of vintage sonic music making weaponry.

Venue Hire

A 1500sqft open space that can host a diverse range of functions such as rehearsal practices, exhibitions, fashion shows, photo shoots etc.


A new platform for electronic music straight from the heart of Glasgow.